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The price of this trip is amazing and inexpensive, are there any hidden costs or additional expenses to the trip?

This trip is an all inclusive package.  However, you are responsible for getting to and from the departure point, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), on your own.  Once you are in Beijing your tour guide will ask every passenger for $25.00. The twenty five dollars will cover all the tips for the entire trip. The tour company will distribute the tip monies to the bellmen, luggage handlers, hotel staff, etc.  There are also some optional tours that are not included in this package. To get the full experience of China we suggest that you participate and budget for the optional tours, they are well worth the few extra dollars. See the optional tour section of this web site for a breakdown of cost for the extra tours.

Who is actually providing the tours to China?

The tour company that provides the trip is Citslinc International, Inc. based in Monterey, California.  Citslinc International, Inc. was founded in June 1995 and Citslinc New York, Inc. was established in Flushing, New York in September 2001.  Mr. Leo Liu is the President of both companies.  Mr. Liu is also the Vice President of the Inland Empire International Business Association based in California, Co-Chairman of Inland Empire World Trade Conference, Board of Director of Ontario Chamber of Commerce and has memberships with chambers of commerce in 45 cities.

When do I pay for the optional tours?

All of the optional tours, except for the trip to see the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, are paid to your tour guide in China.  Your tour guide will collect the monies the day before or on the day of the optional tour. You can pay in U.S. dollars or Chinese RMB.  Your tour guide will need an accurate count of those who are taking advantage of the optional tours so they can purchase your tickets in advance or to insure ample space, or reservations if needed.  If you want to go to Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, this optional tour must be paid and is due at the same time your trip.

The price of the trip is based on double occupancy.  What if I am traveling alone?

Not a problem!  We always have people who travel alone.  You have two options.  We can help match you with someone else who is on the trip or you can pay an extra premium to have a private room. The cost of a private room for the entire trip is $450.00. For about $65.00 per night you can have a private room in the four and five star hotels we are staying in.  You may want to keep in mind your days will be full and we will not be spending much time at the hotels.

Do I need to exchange my dollars to Chinese RMB?

More and more places in China are starting to accept U.S. dollars. Just about everywhere we go they will accept U.S. currency.  However, there will be some places that will only accept Chinese RMBs. We suggest that you take a small amount of Chinese currency with you – anywhere between $25.00 to $50.00 U.S. dollars should be more than enough.  Even though the dollar is widely accepted you will still run into a few places that will only take Chinese currency.  For example, if you want a little taste of home in the form of a Starbucks, McDonalds or KFC you need be prepared to pay in Chinese currency.

Where can I exchange money in China?

You will be able to exchange money at the hotels we will be staying in.  Each hotel is set up to exchange monies.  The exchange rate in China is a flat rate so if you exchange your money at the hotel or a bank it will be the same rate.  Keep in mind that as the U.S. dollar fluctuates that you may save money by making your purchases in Chinese currency.

Can I use my credit and debit cards in China?

Yes you can.  Of course you will not be able to use them everywhere in China nor would you want to. All of the stores we go to will be able to accept and process your card.  We strongly suggest that you notify your bank prior to departing to alert them that you will be in China and using the credit card.  If you do not notify your bank or credit card company ahead of time, they may think it is unauthorized use and freeze your account.

What will the food be like?

The tour package includes three (3) meals a day.  Breakfast will be at the hotel, where you can enjoy a wonderful all you can eat breakfast buffet.  Both western and eastern foods will be available.  A typical western breakfast will include egg omelets made to order, bacon, sausage, pancakes, a variety of breads and pastries, fresh fruits and cereals.  Both lunch and dinner will be family style where you will enjoy a variety of local cuisine.  The food is quite good and it allows you to experience the different types of foods in the different regions of China we travel to.  You are fed well on this trip.  During the trip if you absolutely need a fast food fix we can hook you up with a local McDonalds or KFC.  In Shanghai you can even get Pizza Hut to deliver to your room.

I don't speak Chinese.  How will we communicate with the people in China?

Once in China you will be broken into groups of 20 to 25 people.  Each group has an English speaking tour guide throughout the trip.  You will discover that a large portion of the hotel staff also speak English.  The stores where we go shopping will have English speaking attendants as well.  If you have the opportunity you may want to learn a few basic phrases in Chinese.

What will the weather be like?

As you well know it is hard to second guess Mother Nature, however, according to the weather charts and previous experience we can give you our best prediction.  Keep in mind for the first three days of the trip we will be in Beijing and for the other four days we will be in South China, Shanghai and other surrounding cities. The weather in Beijing is similar to the weather in Washington, DC and the southern cities are comparable to cities in Florida.  In October expect the temperatures in the mornings and evenings to be in the low to mid 40 degrees and the afternoon in the mid to upper 60 degrees.

In Shanghai and the other southern cities you can expect temperatures in the mornings and evenings in the mid to upper 50 degrees the afternoon highs will be in the low to mid 70 degrees.

In November the weather will be slightly cooler.  We suggest you dress in layers.  In the morning and evenings you may need a light jacket or a windbreaker.  For more information, visit


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