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  • Jade Carving Factory: China is rich in its jade resource, therefore jade and its cultural impact to Chinese people and later on to Asians has been historical. Tourists will get a chance to visit Beijing Jade Carving Factory which so far is the biggest jade collection in China. Tourists will find hundreds of thousands of precious jade, jadeites and handmade jade carvings, the raw material of which come from Northeast and Silk Road area of China.

  • Pearl Farm: The Pearl shop in Beijing exhibits a rich variety of home produced sea pearls and fresh water pearls due to both the historical reason and the modern market. Among them, the king and queen size pearls are really of precious quality. The type of Pearl Powder on sale was first contributed to Qing Dynasty Royal Family as a cosmetic, which can also be found here.

  • Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture: It is an Ancient Furniture Fair. Apart from the antique furniture, there is also a lot of newly made furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty style to be found at the fair. Shipment is available.

  • Cloisonne Factory: Born in Beijing 300 years ago, cloisonne is a kind of handmade arts and crafts articles once used a great deal by royal and rich families. Now it is popular to everybody. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit the workshop seeing how the beautiful articles are made with their own eyes. The gorgeous design, hand-made workmanship and tremendous types make cloisonne articles really attractive to both domestic and overseas tourists.


  • Suzhou Embroidery Institute: This is a state owned handicraft research institute. Among the products, the hand-made double-sided embroidery articles of vivid pets and flowers are gorgeous.

  • Suzhou Silk Factory: The factory produces one fifth of the country’s silk products. The beautifully designed silk clothes and its model show of the factory make it a real attraction to tourists. The silk quilt of different sizes is specially produced for sale here.


  • Hangzhou Dragon Well Tea Farm: The Dragon Well Tea planted in this village was once contributed to Chinese Royal Family only. It is a famous brand of Tea in China. Through viewing the Tea Farm and the tea lecture given by the local farmer, tourists will find the stay both enjoyable and healthy.


  • Shanghai Carpet Mill: Superior quality silk tapestries of all kinds and sizes are produced at the Shanghai Carpet Factory. The hand-made silk tapestries of 400 to 600 knots per square inch are precious merchandises.


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